Game Day 2K



Hey everyone, I’m new. Anyways, on to the point. I tried to back up my game day 2k cd tonight. Its already on a cd-r, and I tried to back it up again. But it seems to get only a certain amout of percent, then it will give me a error saying something about a write/error and bad medium.

the software im using is cdrwin (dont know what version), and i have a s&f 8x20x

any info regarding this matter would be greatly appreciated. send me some mail if possible, thanks!


Fist off, Welcome Newbee.

Sounds like your trying to duplicate a CDR to a Smaller one. First check how much data there is on your original, than make sure you have a disc that can hold it all. For example if there is 670 MB on your original, it would of course fail on a 650 MB CD. CDRwin will try though. It 'll just burn and burn until it can burn no more an only then give you the error.

Good Luck,

pSyChO dAd