Game Cube Backups?


Is there such a thing as a game cube backup?

Is there any way to copy a game cube disc using mini-dvd-r’s?

Is anyone close to finding out how?


Ive seen one on a mod chip but it was only for playing imports and did not say anything about backup games running with it.

Either it cannot be done or there is no need to have a modchip for using backups with a gamecube. :confused:

not sure but don’t think it can be done.
Gamecube uses mini DVD disks.
u can buy recordable mini disks but there not in DVD format.
hope this helps.

actually there ARE mini dvd-r’s … but wasn’t the data on a gamecube written from outer to inner layer instead of the normal way dvd’s are written ?

as far as i know the disk mini dvd is what is stopping people from backing up GC games and nothing else

ive tried the gamecube games in my dvd drive and it cannot read them. So these are not normal dvd discs