Game copy problem



in the clone cd tutorial it tells me to first click on a reader so it will read the source cd…maybe i’m terribly impatient, but how long is one supposed to wait before it reads what it’s supposed to and moves on to the next step?..i have an idea what to do next but it’s tricky getting to the next step…please help

thx in advance,



Do you sit and watch the progress bar as it’s reading?

Seriously, either do the task in the background or walk away from your computer while it’s reading.


okay…and thanks, but i guess my question was how long does it generally take for the reading part?..and i haven’t yet seen any method to see how it is progressing, as in a progress bar or anything else for that matter.


Ballpark, depending on your pc it could take 20mins to 60mins.

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okay…now that’s what i’m talkin about…thank you plat…very much…i originally thought a minute or two at the most…much appreciated.