Game console battle intensifies with higher features, lower prices

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The Nintendo Wii controlled the game console market ahead of the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3, but recent hardware developments and lower prices have led to struggles for Nintendo.

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The wii sold alot right out of the gate. I never use mine, but I think the market is probably saturated by now? They sold so many of them, so quickly, that they’ll probably hit that point where everyone that wants one has one.

I think the Wii will have a hard time selling the next version of the Wii, as the Wii marketed to alot of casual players. Players that didn’t care about deep games or HD content. The same type who might not care if theres a wii upgrade.

As for the 360/PS3, there both pretty good consoles. I still think the 360 has a bit of a deeper catalog, but the ps3 has made alot of ground the last few years. For hardware I still feel the ps3 is more bang for your buck, with bluray built in and free online gameplay.

I dunno… I think the big thing should be that xbox360 goes BLU RAY for $399 w/ the 250gb version… it’s about time & the price of blu ray drives have come down so much in the past year. They don’t have to start making the game catalog switch over to blu-ray right away, but would be a good selling point going foward… as it would mean less clutter around the family room for NEW buyers. Another good feature to have is BUILT-IN WIFI 802.11n with the ability to use an EXTERNAL antenna for the best gain possible. These kinds of features for streaming & comatability are what the consumer is looking for at around $400… not just a bigger 1.5" 250gb hd.

One more thing, the WII could also do media streaming with 802.11n editions to add a lease to life… many new lcd-tvs are getting in on the wifi streaming bandwagon… so an incentive to console buyers is to get the function into a device w/o upgrading your existing TV!

the new 360 does have n wireless. allthough like the ps3, I don’t think it has an external antenna.

btw Microsoft would have a hard time charging 399 for a bluray model, when sony basically charges 299 already for the same thing.

I honestly doubt MS would adopt bluray on the 360, they’ll probably add it to the next xbox, but they’ve been so stubborn on the current gen, that I doubt we’d ever see it.

Xbox Live Gold just increased in price from $50USD to $60USD. Those cuts had to come from somewhere.