"Game CD" or "SD2" profile best?

If a game is SD2 protected, is it best to use the “Game CD” or “SD2” profile?

Does it matter or does it do the same thing?

depends on the protection of the game

if it is safedisk, then use the safedisk protection. It doesn’t use sub-channels.

Are there subchannels involved then try the game profile.

Use the Safedisc profile instead, then you don’t have any useless boxes checked off.

In my experience it doesn’t matter if you use the Game Profile or one of the custom Profiles. The custom Profiles are just faster since, as already said, they don’t have settings enabled which aren’t needed. For instance with the SafeDisc Profiles they don’t use Automatic FES which is slower than FES set to On. But both Profiles should work. If you’re new to this then the default Profiles work best.