Game burning newbie questions

hey guys , got a question. does anyone know the ins and outs of backing up ps2 and xbox games? what type of disks are required and are there any modifications needed to be performed on the console itself? i had assumed that the black disks would be needed to copy ps2 disks and the like but what if the original game is over 700MB? can dvd data disks be used or can the game just not be copied?

There are a lot of ways to play backups of ps2 games. That black cd thing is wrong. The most common way is a modchip. You can also use a fliptop, hard drive, slide tool, memory card exploit. I personally use everything except modchip and slide tool. I have an older model ps2 and the easiest way was the fliptop which i installed myself. I can’t possibly explain it all in one post because it took me about 2 weeks of serious reading to learn all of this and to get them to work. Start off here Join and then read the tutorials and the questions other people ask.

Great info. on backing up games;

not a hard thing to do - just do some reading/homework & you will get it!

cheers, katzz :slight_smile: