Who’s into gambling? Stuff like lotteries, slot machines, card games etc etc?

I myself don’t do any gambling. I tried some lotteries and never won anything worthy. So no gambling for me… only costs money :wink:

Casino gambling + probabilities = you lose.
For this reason I rarely gamble at Casino’s. Even when I go to Vegas I only spend a small amount on slot machines, etc just to mess around.

That being said… I do enjoy playing a dice game named “C-Lo” with friends, at parties, etc.
Usually, each player throws in a dollar with a virtually unlimited amount of players able to join the game.

[B]Object of the game[/B]:
Three dice are rolled. You have 3 chances to make a roll that has a value. 
First roll that you make that has any value must be kept.

[B]Best possible roll[/B]: 4-5-6, you automatically win, no one else even gets a turn.

[B]Worst possible roll[/B]: 1-2-3, you automatically lose, you do not get to make any more rolls.

[B]Other value rolls[/B]: Match two die and the third die is your high number. 
The higher the better. 
So if you roll 2-2-6, then 6 is your high number and you are in good shape.

[B]Triples[/B]: Triples beat out a 6 roll. So if you get triple 1's. 
You have a higher roll that a 2-2-6. 
Triple 6's would obviously defeat a triple 1. 
The only thing higher than triple 6's is a 4-5-6.

[b]Tie breaker[/b]: In the event of a tie, the tying players must "double up" 
(double their original bet, eg throw in another dollar) and play another round.

Fun game (especially while drinking!) Try it out !

I do the UK national lottery, i’ve won a few £10 prizes but never anything big. I only take the one line of numbers. Thats really about it, i don’t really gamble, but i bet £10 a lot of members do. :bigsmile:

i don’t :disagree:

state lottery every month

I go to Shreveport (Louisiana) and gamble on the riverboat casinos from time to time.

A few drinks later at the local club and I’ll throw $10 bucks in a pokie machine. Then I’ll regret not spending it on drinks. If I’m really lucky I might double it. (done that a few times) other than that no gambling - except two up on ANZAC Day, its the only 50/50 gambling left here.

Today we got a letter from the new post code lottery. It was shamelessly stolen from the Dutch I have gathered, but I wonder how long it will survive. It was ruthlessly expensive, and a subscription.
I have played a (that is 1) serious game of poker in my life against my friends and I won, despite not knowing anything about poker. So I’ll not try my luck at that game again :wink:

How many clothes did you win? :slight_smile:

I toss in a few bucks now and then. So far I am slightly ahead. A few years ago, I won about $2000.00 on a dollar slot machine. Then last year, I won $50.00 at one place, $250.00 at another place, and then $500.00 the next night. But absolutely nothing since. I usually limit myself to $25.00 per day to play with.

It’s like Jerry Lee Lewis sang. When your hot your hot. When your not your not.

As an added not, when I do gamble, I like to search for casino’s that have specials for players cards with some free play to win money. Six months ago the wife and I won a total of $70.00 doing that. Much nicer to win on their money. Also, when I go to Vegas, I do a couple of timeshare visits in return for $100.00 cash (instead of show tickets and dinner). $100.00 for 1 1/2 hours of my time hearing a presentation. I use that money to gamble with.

If i ever gamble which i rarely do its purely for the fun of gambling, winning is just a bonus that rarely happens, and seeing as gambling to gamble is pretty boring i rarely do it, i know a bloke who sits at his pc every spare hour he has on gambling sites ask him how much he’s won he’ll tell you about the £50 he won last month ask him how much he’s lost and he simply cant answer, they dont call it a mugs game for nothing :slight_smile:

Never won anything in my life…

The closest I get to gambling is the occasional chook/meat platter raffle at the local pub, due to peer-pressure by friend/girlfriend/other silly person.

The chance of winning “Lotto” here is approximately 1 in 60Million (aka if every man, woman and child entered unique combinations, it’d take 3 weeks to get a winner).
On the other hand, we also have “Keno” which is lotto, revamped with extra advertising. The odds on winning that is about 1 in 130Million. Woot! But Keno costs more & the major prizes are smaller. However, the chance of a secondary prize (aka $10/50/100) is much better than Lotto.