Have you been? What do you think?

Well anyhoo last night, Sunday, family went to dinner with some friends and after that we went to Crown, where they had the fireworks for “Chinese New Year”…Later my brother met up with his friends, so we had to kinda go…well…where else…the casino…so bright, so many lights…heheeh

anyway, we were looking around, watching ppl playing cards…it got kinda boring so i decided to play one of those pokie machines, $1 for 20 goes…i won 4 dollars, horray, but then used another dollar and lost…well anyhoo…it was my first taste and it was great…by the way, when i start uni, i think the casion is near it, so i might go there everyday when i have breaks, kidding…i now understand how ppl can get addicted very easily, i nearly did…and it was only 1 shot i had/// :bigsmile:


I only gamble in Vegas. Only at night at my casino and only at the penny slots for the free drinks. :stuck_out_tongue:


I go to the casinos just about every weekend…but i only take in what i’m willing to lose…usually 200 USD…if i win…i put that back then just play on winnings only…if i lose it all then i get in the car and come back home…but most of the time i have a complemtary room and meals…so i’ve not really lost anything in my eyes…


I do poker with friends last week i lost $500 but the week b4 i won like over $700 so fukit no big loss


Never have.Life is a gamble so losing money shouldn’t be that much worse(unless your broke).


damn…u guyz spend alot of money…don’t u ever learn from those commericals to what happens to those ppl? :bigsmile:


nah it’s all for fun but sometimes people get mad too coz of bluffin and shit but that’s part of the game.


I can’t see the fun in pokies, or cards. Horse racing / the trots & greyhounds are at least a minute or two of adrenaline for those that are into that sort of thing.
But honestly I think gambling is just another way for some rich, possibly powerful, bugger to legally dupe people into giving him their money for what equates to practically no work whatsoever.


yea…i know someone who’s like so addicted to gambling, that they’ve like borrowing money from everyone…i wish sometimes they could just close down the casinos, but hey there would be alot of troubles if they did that, the goverment get’s like the most tax money from that…it’s like ciggy’s, the goverment spends like so much money on commericals about quitting, but still don’t ban ciggys…it’s all about tax…


Lol, Aye! The state government gets a good few billion a year :wink:
They spend $200mil a year on quit ads which don’t work.

I’d just like to know where the rest goes :wink:
Can you say “Nest egg”?


Lol, Aye! The state government gets a good few billion a year They spend $200mil a year on quit ads which don’t work.

lol…yeah…just to keep those ppl against gambling quiet… :slight_smile:

I’d just like to know where the rest goes

in their pockets? hehehe


i blew $500 at crown the last time i was there…


i blew $500 at crown the last time i was there…

casinos…hmmm…wouldn’t we be much better off without them? :bigsmile:


shut your mouth honey chil…


Every day at work, but that’s just for a few €’s :iagree:


shut your mouth honey chil…

geez, u have to be so aggresive? lol…chill out!


well i don’t take what i can’t afford to lose…


I gambled with love sometimes … :rolleyes:


I’ve been to a casino once. I entered with 50 euro’s, atm’ed another 150 and with my last 5 euro i’ve won 300 euro’s at the roulette. Never again. Waayyy to tempting.


when i was 17 i went through a spell of blowing 90% of my wages on fruit machines got very deprest about it so i contacted the samaratens who put me in touch with gamblers anamimous i went to 1 metting, and you have to sit in a circle and 1 by 1 describe how long youve been a gambler and when was the last time you gambled. i was that sickend by the stories i was hearing from people who had gambled for 20yrs and more and how much money they had lost, that when it came to my turn i couldnt speak.
just that 1 metting cured my “addiction”

@S_S maybe now you think its money you can afford, but will you feel that way in a few years? i can tell by your reaction that its a sore point.

regular gamblers will never tell you how much they truely lose, they like to tell you how much they have won and always play down there losses.