Gainward Geforce 3 ti200

Hey there, does anyone have a gainward geforce 3 ti 200. Because i recently got one (second hand) and i thought it had 64 mbytes of ram but after updating it with the lastest flash bios it now says it has 128 mbytes ram. Does anyone how of a way to check if it is correctly reporting the ram size?

mmost of the G force 3 ti 200’s made withing the last years have 128 MB of ram. the way to check is right click on empty space on desktop choose properties/settingsadvanced/ adapter. on that page you should see what windows says the amount of ram your card has.

cheers iss

I did that windows and the nvidia drivers say it’s 128 but im wondering if windows just reads that from the bios. But i asked gainward and they reckon that it is a 128 meg card, since the bios for the 64 and 128 meg cards are the same, and they are meant to calculate the memory on boot.

Gainward’s GF3 Ti 200 was issued in both the 64mb and the 128mb cards. I have the 128mb card as well. Pretty looking, isn’t it?