GA-7VAXP ULTRA will only run my drives in PIO-4 mode?



For some reason my BIOS post screen of my GA-7VAXP (F4: Latest BIOS) ULTRA Mother board says that my Lite-On LTR 48125W (VSOB), Lite-On LTD 163d (GHR7), Sony CDU5211 (.35) and my Maxtor 40GB 7200RPM ATA 133 HD are all running in PIO-4 mode. Windows 2000 SP3 says that all my drives are in DMA mode and I made sure to set them to DMA mode. Is there a program that I can test the speed of the drives to see if it is just a BIOS display problem or something along those lines? I checked all my MOBO settings and there is no setting to turn DMA on or off so i’m confused. Thanks for any help.


Try Nero CD Speed which you can d/l from for the optical drives and Sandra or Nero for the HD.


I found out abotu an hour ago that once in my bios i must press CTRL+F1 to get “advanced” features in my bios. The setting for setting UDMA was in there. Thanks for your help and I did try CD Speed 1.02 before and after changing the setting and let me tell you MUCH better in UDMA mode ;-).