GA-7N400 Pro Multiword DMA problem



Does anyone with this board have a driver issue? I cannot get my drives past Multiword DMA 2 and onto UDMA Modes.

Seagate Barracuda ATA100 IDE#1
Mitsu DD UDMA33 52x CD-ROM IDE#2


XP native drivers (MS IDE drivers)
nFORCE 2.03
nFORCE 2.45

Have told Gigabyte and am awaiting an answer.

I’ve tried the usual fixes, just looking for someone who has/had the same problem.


Well, Ctrl+F1 unhides some advanced features. Since when is DMA on/off advanced?! And why isn’t it on by default?!!


Originally posted by FutureProof
Well, Ctrl+F1 unhides some advanced features.

Ooh, woops, I could have told you that but I stayed away since I don’t own an Nforce 2 board. All recent Gigabyte boards hide Advanced Chipset Features by default, and are displayed with Ctrl F1 like you found. Mine doesn’t have any DMA options in there though, just memory timings and some voltage/FSB adjustments. Perhaps Nforce2 has problems with DMA they did not want non-techies to have to deal with?