G7Z9 firmware?



If it weren’t for this forum I would have been stuck with this firmware which is really crappy. I found one thread stating its an old firmware despite the G7Z9 being higher than the G7P9 or B7T9 firmware. I just got this drive today and the first thing I did is put a backup cd of Call of Duty United Offensive disc 1 in the drive. My brand new OEM 1620 would not read the disc properly. I could see the files on the disc in windows explorer but could not click on any of them.

Thanks to this forum I read how to flash to the Benq retail firmware (B7P9). I put the same Call of Duty disc in and now its being read no problems. Just burned my first DVD with it and it works great. My first impressions of this drive are great.

I used to be a hardcore Lite on freak but I bought a 1633s that was a stinker right out of the box. I burned 2 dvds with it and then burned 3 cd’s. After the 3rd cd finished it stopped reading any type of cd altogether. I read that others had this trouble and that Lite on’s quality has really gone down the toilet, so instead of risking getting another bad drive with an exchange I just RMA’d it and got this drive instead. All I can say now is that its going to take A LOT to convert me back (i still love my lite on 52327s though).

It was a tough choice between this or the NEC 3520, but there were no reviews of the 3520 and the burns so far have been average with that drive so I decided the Benq was the best choice for me. I can’t wait to play with this drive more.


Good for you, I think its great too. Kinda of a shocker since benq is a smaller , relatively unknown company, and then they come out with the “sleeper” of a dvd burner.


I also have and love a LiteOn LTR - 52327S CD burner. It’s one of the best CD burners of all time. But, for a DVD burner I think you made an excellent choice with the BenQ DW1620; especially when comparing it to the NEC 3520. Just sit back and enjoy quality burns on your BenQ.