G7V9 Disc Quality Test is SLOOOOOWWWW



I just updated the firmware to G7V9 (1620A) and I’m bangin’ my head against the wall trying to figure out why it’s running at a snail’s pace when running the Disc Quality Test? When set to 8X my NEC 3520 starts out at around 3x and works up to 8x. The BenQ used to do that too but now it starts out at around 0.4x and works up to about 1.35x and hovers there. I haven’t run an entire test to see if it will go any faster than that as it’s absolutely mind numbingly slow. It’s coming up with amazing scans at this pace with absolutely no PIFs at all. The NEC doesn’t tell the same story. I just started a transfer test. It started at 3.42x and is currently at 6.49x and climbing steadily so it doesn’t appear to have a problem in the speed department.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Cheers, Joe


Correction… the speed test finished and it’s at a dismal average of 6x. My NEC started the test at a speed higher than the average of the BenQ. Is this version a total dud or could this be a hardware issue?

Cheers, Joe


Okay, the answer is yes, it would appear to be a dud version. I just flashed back to G7Z9 and it zips right along. Another observation, under G7V9 it would bring up the “disc spinup” count down. I never recall this happening with the previous versions and now that it’s back to G7Z9 it’s no longer doing that.

Cheers, Joe


And just to add to my own little running commentary here… B7V9 seems to be working fine so… G7V9 is bad, MMMMmmmmkay. Actually I don’t know if that’s an accurate statement or not so disregard it but if anyone else comes across this at least they’ll know someone else has experienced problems.

Cheers, Joe


I do not know what is up with the G7V9 but BenQ has previously tinkered with that functionality in the Gxxx OEM firmwares for instance they crippled it in G7T9 I believe and then put it back in G7U9 (correct me if I wrong) so they could have done something again to it with G7V9, if B7V9 works fine just stick with it as G7Z9 is a very old firmware.


I did a few burns tonight on Verbatin 8x +R (MCC 003) media and both the BenQ and my NEC 3520 yieleded a quality rating of 97 in DVD Speed (that was for an 8x burn). Good enough!

Cheers, Joe