G7T9 ... at Shuttle.com?

Hi all, I just stumbled over this page:


Have a look at it, read the readme, and tell me what you think this may be? May it be the long awaited G7T9 firmware? It appears to me that way, though I did not dare to flash it because I may return my DW1620 on Monday …


Yup, it is…

Downloaded and used MCSE on it and it displays the “Benq DVD DD DW1620”.

Then I looked at the file using an old DOS program and it has the G7T9 after the shuttle naming scheme [so I didn’t write that part down].

Maybe Ala42 can break it down a .CVT file format. Be interesting to see the write strats.

Excellent find!

I’d be interested to see the write strats to but I’d almost bet that it matches B7T9 byte for byte except for the name string. :slight_smile:

Yeah I also guess it ll be the same. I assume its time to install a Windoze debugger, so one can extract the .cvt by oneself and therefore spare ala42 a bit of work he surely has really not the time to do …

I don’t know what G stands for but G*** = B***.

Thanks for the link!

G is generic AFAIK, while B is BenQ. Yeah, it is the same as confirmed above.
Always nice to find pearls in the sea of junk called the inet :cool:

This time just the media code tables are identical. The firmware is different.

What exactly does “different” mean? Would it be risky to flash this firmware to another bulk drive?

Maybe you could tell me what tools I would need to look into it more than just a binary dump? Possibly info about CPU, necessary tools (either win or linux is fine for me), etc? PM would be ok :slight_smile:

Regards and keep on the good work “weiter so!” :wink:

Good night!

I have just flashed to it, doing a test burn right now.

ala42 > Sorry to bother you again but if you extract to .cvt i’d like a copy please.

rolling56, I flashed to G7M9.cvt file and then used G7T9.exe. I’m scanning now, I noticed that with this firmware PIF aren’t reported in cdspeed disc quality test.

tool fan > Just wanted the .cvt for archiving and direct flashing other wise i would do the same as you thanks. How goes it in Sedalia these days? I’ll be there tomorrow to take my daughter back home but got to get back for the Super Bowl lol I’m going to miss the 1st half probably.

After flashing, CDSpeed only test at 2x… ><" And 0 PIF

Looks like shuttle deliberately took the PIF testing out because they sell drives with a wide variety of quality?

IIRC many OEMs buy original equipment from the factory with little or no quality checking and perform that quality checking themselves - thats the main reason they get the stuff much cheaper than the Retail customer. They also have a short warranty period to return those equipment. If they dont take the testing serious but rather do a “it works” test, the customer in the end may have a BenQ drive but Shuttle tested … which basically means he may get a good or bad device.

So, I am sorry for this and maybe this firmware should be added to a “Caution - bad firmwares” thread. I hope flashing back will work and apologize for the inconvenience.


did you get the *.cvt file? Same ol’ same ol’ here in sedville, how’s springfield treating you ? I’m getting ready to turn the game on. Have you heard anything about the newest firmware yet? Just curious.

Definitely BenQ firmware. A lot companies disable the PIF testing on the OEM BenQ’s. Of course the major disadvantage of the OEM BenQ firmware is the fact that it doesn’t have some of the “features” available to it due to firmware restrictions. But this is most certainly G7T9 for the OEM drives. I’m not going to bother flashing my drive over to it but I did save it since I’m really bad at pack-ratting files. hehe :slight_smile:

Yeah I do the same. Who knows when one could need it and it is not to be found anymore…

EDIT about below:
Yeah why change if it is great for you, esp as the extra features are surely worth the “risk” of using beta. And keeping things is always good (much to burn for you :wink: )

wish you all a gn8!

I have all the Liggy & Dee Beta’s saved off in a folder too for my NEC ND3500AG. Never know when someone will request one of the older betas for some reason and if they do I figure I have them. :wink: My NEC ND3500AG doesn’t run stock firmware at all anymore, just modified firmware done by Liggy & Dee. :wink:

No i haven’t got the .cvt file. Maybe ala42 didn’t see my reply or never made a .cvt for it yet. I just got back from Seville 7:30 or so and just turned the game on. No idea when the new f/w will be out. Love Springfield. After living in LA area for 3 1/2 yrs kinda wanted to move back to a bigger town than Sedville. The Sizzlers are playing at Coaches on feb. 12th i believe but i doubt if i go see them. Buddy of mine went to Staples there to pick up some blank dvd’s and said they were out. I told him you probably got all of them lol It was a sale a couple of weeks ago and don’t remember which ones they were. Sorry for the off topic people :wink:

nah, I only bought one fifty pack. I already have to many blanks as it is. I’ll have to go to coaches on the 12th, if I don’t have to work…