G7P9 vs B7P9

In 6 days I will have a I/O Magic (BENQ 1620) burner…I am not sure of the FW version on burner and I did not see that listed. Where do you find that listed…is it on the box or the drive itself?

Anyways I know the difference b/t the G and B series however peope say these are the EXACT same FW’s. Have you been getting the same quality of burns by using each version with the same type of media? If not please explain.

Why would you have to cross flash from G to B7P9 if they are the same FW? I know that B fW’s tend to come out sooner but is that the ONLY reason?

I have been reading about the B7M9 but where is the G7M9?

I guess the question would be if you start in the G series should you stay in the G series and vice versa for the B series. Just trying to understand.

OK, I just did this and there was a BIG…BIG differnce.

My IO Magic came with G7C9. It was shown on the drive, but you may as well install it and read what it says from Nero or other tools. Even Device manager will show it.

Make sure the IO Magic box says that the DL speed is 2.4X. If not, it is the BTC.

OK, the drive worked fine but was slow and had bad scans of my DVD+RW media.

I got 2 things…

windwflash and B7P9.cvt.

Turn off Virus protection, stop web surfing, and disable firewall (software).

Works great.

Also a big thangs to Rolling56 and Kenshin for pointing me to the 2 files.

I started with G7h9 ended with B7p9. Tried only B7m9 . I got very good quality scans and speeds .Don’t worry about it , it’s a great toy , I ment drive

BenQ B7P9 and G7P9 firmwares are exactly the same when it comes to the content/functionality they offer. They are different though on one point, and that is to identify and distinguish a OEM/bulk drive from a retail drive. That is the reason BenQ has two firmwares - to be able to tell OEM/bulk and retail apart. Why they feel a need for this, is another matter. :slight_smile:

You can see this difference in the “inquiry string” in i.e. Nero, QScan, the firmware flash tool and others.
“BENQ DVD DD DW1620 B7P9” = retail
“BENQ2 ATAPI DVD DD 2X16X4X16G7P9” = OEM/bulk

If you have a retail drive - use B firmware.
If you have a OEM/bulk drive - use G firmware.

You can download G7P9 from my site:

Or see the Will there be a G7P9?? thread (includes links to some mirrors):

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The B7P9 and G7P9 firmware binaries differ only in 67 bytes of the drive name and firmware version strings. Everything else is identical.

I’ve had great success with G7Z9 the new bulk firmware, I don’t know what firmware is supposed to match this on the BenQ Retail side of things. Check out this very pretty scan - it’s Dupsonic 4x DVD-R media bought at Newegg with a media ID of VANGUARD. I’ve burnt a couple discs already and they all play well in stand-alone players. :slight_smile: