G7H9, Am I missing anything with this?

Just moved to benq, and i got a warm feeling in my pants.

anyways, i am nutty about burn quality and the such, as such I was wondering if my current firmware was suitable. Am I missing anything other than 4x DL burning

because I can wait for that, in a rush I installed it and forgot to put it on master, so I dont feel like flashing it just for dual layer.

I wish BenQ had a firmware download page, I jusst went through the american site and saw none in the 1620 section, although I am DONE with LG they did have a list of downloadable firmwares oldest to current.

I cant wait for the DL revolution, All movies are going to be rereleased and all simply ripped by decrypter, and nothing else :slight_smile: and I will feel so stupid for burning so many movies :Z

i had many problems with that firmware ver after allot of looking i found this thread wich some people have posted
the latest firmware for oem model g7p9 fixed all my problems.



what problems did you have, Im very curious, while rushing to install this I looked right at the jumper, I wanted to put it on master, but im a lazy asshole.

You have to have it on master right?

since my LG was giving me bad burns, and I wasted 10 or so discs I want to have what is the most stable firmware.

Common all you BenQ nuts, you guys convinced me to get the unit, at least tell me if there is anything wrong with the oem firmware?

also buy beware, the oem BenQ from newegg does not look like the one in the photo, no label. I know that is to be expected by an OEM product

I flashed my as a slave no problems. the one problem is with people using Nvidia drivers for IDE, it’s best to roll them back to MS drivers until you have G7P9 flash which takes care of that problem. You also need the M or P flash to do quality scanning in CD Speed.

Mine is set to slave. No problem flashing mine but i flashed to B7P9 not G7P9. And like Hef said make sure you don’t have nForce IDE drivers.

Thanks, Im not to clear on what you guys mean by Nvidia or Nforce drivers, and rolling them back to MS drivers?

Are you speaking of the video card? I have an ATI allinwonder Card and an Asus mb with no built in graphics. please elaborate a little more about which drivers i need to remove, and which i need to add.

Now I have to research and find out which driver is best/most current

Speaking of drivers, unlike the review screenshots, Device Manager and nero say my dvd drive is called “ATAPI DVD DD 2X16X4X16X”
Im guessing that either the OEM drives have different names or its a generic name becuase i dont have a driver.

I hope there is nothing wrong with my burner as of now, I ripped 3 movies last night, and Im sure anyone reading a site called cdfreaks can understand paranoia :slight_smile:

thanks guys if you can answer all these questions, your a hero

“You also need the M or P flash to do quality scanning in CD Speed.”

Nero allowed me to do it wheras before it didnt allow my LG, I ran it for a few minuetes, gave a few PI numbers but didnt seem to do anything dramatic. so i shut it off and went to something else.

Is it logical to scan empty and full discs?

thats something i have never seen elaborated.

Don’t take this wrong but you have a lot of reading to do here. I know i’ve put my time in this site…

Upgrade to the G7P9 firmware you can get here.
Never hurts to have the latest firmware as they are always improving.

Doesn’t look like you are asking about any problems you are having?