G7c9 to g7p9



FIrst off I would like to say how much I have enjoyed this site and in particular the forums, especially this one in learning about the world of DVD writing. As a result I just acquired an IOMagic that is a BenQ DW1620 -August of 2004, Made in Malaysia with the firmware G7C9. I have read every forum message about upgrading my firmware to G7P9 and if there is ONE definitive thread on how to do that I have not been able to find it.

I have found threads that say to go to G7L9 first and then to G7P9, but never have I been able to find one complete thread that outlined the entire process as I believe that G7L9 involves a .cvt file which I could not find. I found too many conflicts and not enough thorough information in ONE spot to satisfy my lack of confidence, so I called BenQ.

Renee Rochalll of BenQ technical support, 949-255-9569 sent me an email with the G7P9 zip file attached and told me to unzip the executable file and simply flash the G7C9 to G7P9. I told her that I had heard it was necessary to flash the G7L9 file first and she promptly told me that it is perfectly acceptable to use the BenQ zip that she was sending me and go directly from G7C9 to G7P9.

Now, before I do this I wanted to open this to the forum to see if anybody might have some opinions on this as it all suddenly seems too easy to me in light of all the messages I have read on the forum.


You dont have to flash to the L9 first. I didnt and mine works just great. I also did the cross flash on another drive and it works great as well


Thanks for responding so quickly studmonkey. When you flashed to G7P9, which Gxxx firmware were you flashing from ?

And, did you take any precautions like turning off all background programs like virus, etc…did you flash in ‘safe mode’ ?


i dont remember exactly which firmware i was using. i didnt turn off any background programs and didnt flash in safe mode


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Ok studmonkey, I decided to go ahead and flash from G7C9 to G7P9 with the zip file BenQ sent me before the techs there went home for the day. I did NOT go in safe mode although I did turn my virus and other programs off. It took only a few minutes and all was flashed to G7P9 with the BenQ zip file. I then popped in a movie and used dvshrink to copy it to my second hard drive. It copied it to my hard drive in 14 minutes and the tray opened, put in a fuji 8x DVD+R, and it burned the movie to the fuji disc in 6 minutes. It plays on my computer, and it plays great on all three of my stand alone DVD players perfectly. Thanks again !


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