G4 T.v. And Olivia Munn



I was reading a news article that g4 t.v. was a must see for gamers,
video junkies,and techno geeks. They were also saying that OLIVIA MUNN
at this years comic-con was mugged by fans[mostly males] asking for
marriage proposals. While OLIVIA is hot to me she’s too high maitenence.
KEVIN PIERIA is funny and consistently over the top. So my point less
jokes and more info would be better.:doh::doh:


I miss Leo,Steve,Kevin Rose,Sarah,Yoshi ect… :\ TechTV ruled!


[QUOTE=Bob;2105554]I miss Leo, Steve, Kevin Rose, Sarah, Yoshi ect… :\ TechTV ruled![/QUOTE] My thoughts exactly.


I am with you to a point. You forget TOMMY,AND LUCAS on
judgment day!