G120A Hypertuning w/ Sony firmware


I have just got G120A so i’ve progressed from the general board into the LiteOn/Sony one, finally :slight_smile:

I have been looking around at firmware posts. Im still trying to decide whether to void the warranty and crossflash to a 165p6s firmware. Does anyone know or can point me at what the differences are between Sony and LiteOn firmwares, burn quality is one thing, but also in terms of features scanning, bitsetting etc. I ask because i just fired up the LiteOn SmartBurn utility and selected the G120A (Sony MYR4 firmware) and it allows me to change the Smart Burn and Hypertuning settings. Does anyone know if this will work using the Sony firmware?

To me this drive sounds pretty noisy, but its kind of hard to compare not having any other burner. Reading CDs is definitely the worst obviously because of the speed. I also get this odd tinkling noise now and then even when the drive has no disk in it. Does it occasionaly when it spins down. Is this me just being paranoid over a new drive, or is this something to be concerned about? I noticed when installing it there was what sounded like a small piece of metal or plastic moving around inside, but i thought it might be the optical head.

Also as a newbie anyone care to comment on this scan (being my first one), it looks ok to me. The drives in an external case so i was a little concerned about performance but doesn’t look too bad based on what i have seen others getting, its hooked up by USB 2 at mo, but have firewire option.

Oh and one last things, what about the media i used, TDK TTG02, is it considered good, bad, or mid range. I have seen conflicting posts on other sites so i wasnt sure. I got a few freebies from a relative and might be able to get more if they are good bunch.



With a result like that, you have nothing to worry about. Only the read-back line is a bit jagged, but that may be due to the USB connection. Can you repeat the Transfer Rate Test (press F2 under the Benchmark tab) using FireWire (or using an internal drive)?

I’ll give the firewire a go later today hopefully (I want to check out the firewire support), had to get back to work its taken me four days just to set the drive up im so busy. I’ll post results once i have them.

P.S. If the options are available in SmartBurn, I would think they work with the Sony firmware. But for OHT (Online HyperTuning - available only in the SmartBurn test version), you’ll need the latest LiteOn MS0P firmware.

Well i have the right firewire cable now, as I have a laptop with 4pin connector which wasnt supplied with the external enclosure. So i’ll give the firewire a go tonight hopefully, along with trying out burning a disk.

Finally got around to using the firewire connection. From what i understand it looks like its providing a faster transfer rate (27MB/s vs 21MB/s for USB) which seems norm from what i have read elsewhere. I did the quality scan again just to see if there was any difference and there was, now is that just a normal thing with rescanning the same disk (I assume it does sampling rather than full scan so there probably will be). I did notice it appeared to have a slower speed figure on the scan than it did over USB. Same overall score of 93%.


On the main point of my thread, whether the Sony firmware really supported Hyperthreading and Smart Burn I havent had any comments. So anyone tried it? I dont know what im looking for and have limited media resources at mo to know what im looking for.

Also so far nobody comments on TTG02 media whether it was good or not, anyone like to comment?



That is the point. To find out, if HT is working and if it is working good, you need to burn many discs with and without HT being enabled. And depending on the default strategy for a particular MID, the effect of HT enabled may be nearly invisible.

Also so far nobody comments on TTG02 media whether it was good or not, anyone like to comment?
You have overseen Cressida’s answer “nothing to be worried about”:slight_smile: I agree :iagree: this is a good result.


That’s a very consistent result on the second scan, AntonyScerri, and certainly within the limitations of the test tolerances. The Transfer Rate Test (read speed line in the second graph) looks better on FireWire, as expected. Those are exceptionally good TTG02 discs you have :iagree: .

As mentioned before, the mere fact that the options are available (and not greyed out) in SmartBurn, for me at least, means that they are working.

Thank you both, i wasnt sure if the comment about TTG02 was mearly they had produced good results in my case or that they were generaly considered good disks. The score looked good, but that could just have been a one off.

It would be nice to get some definitive answer on the smartburn and hyperthreading options, maybe one of hte LiteOn folk that frequent the forum might like to comment. It be simply a matter of them detecting some feature of the drive that suggests the options can be toggled, but doesnt mean the actual firmware in use will take any action. I would have thought that Sony would market the fact the drive supported these features if they were really there.