G05 Getting Worse

These are the best discs for my 851s that i can find in my local area but the quality has been getting worse and worse from box to box after the 4Gb mark but this is the first disc that has over 240 PI at the end (first disc in a 25 box), (this is purely a media quality issue nothing to do with FW or resetting the EEPROM), as you can see the PIF’s are fine so what is the risk of having slightly higher than normal PI’s? as i know they are not as serious, if this carries on i will be changing brands.

(Both images are of the same disc)
4.36Gb DVD Shrink of ‘Shrek’

Minor browsing whilst scanning aswell

I’ve always found that my 851S burns +R’s better then -R’s - try getting your hands on some Verbatim Datalife Plus DVD+R’s - make sure they are the DataLife Plus - very good MCC dics :slight_smile: