G05 and ND-3550A

i just bought a couple of Ritek G05. They burn ok. but when run cd-dvd speed on them i get results like these:


Anyone, including me, would say that this is a coaster. but the weird thing is that they play just fine without any disturbances at all, in three different stationary dvd players. one would think that they’d be skipping, pausing, etc, when being played. therefore i have a question:

is the PIE/PIF scans from a NEC ND3550A (also tried ND3520AW) trustworthy? I have tried all sorts of speeds and get bad results.

There are a few things to consider.

  1. G05 is not good media.

  2. NEC drives are not very reliable scanners, only okay scanners. They often report results different from what Lite-On and BenQ and Plextor tell us.

3 [the main point]. Scanning at 8x and reading at 1x are very different things. 1x is much easier… the dots flow under the beam at a much slower rate, and the signal is much easier to decode for the player.

Scanning is not the ultimate test. I’ve also seen a few burns where BenQ reports thousands of PO failures, but reads the disc at full 16x with no errors!

ok. but when i scan at 1x i get even more errors. :-/

the thing is that i am puzzled and i have no idea whether to throw all these discs in the bin or just go on burning on them.

Well, see #2 above :slight_smile:

The general principle that it’s much easier to read at 1x than at 8x still applies, but its effect may be completely masked by the inability of the drive to read its own disc. Your standalone player may have a better optical pickup than the NEC burner!

I don’t know. I wouldn’t have hesitated to throw them away before that ugly scan ever had a chance to completely reveal itself :slight_smile:

Certainly, don’t go buying any more of them.

yeah, i’ll never buy these again. :frowning: ah, i hate this, it’s like a lottery buying good discs.

maybe i should plugin my liteon dvd-rom and try kprobe on them?

I agree that the G05s are not good media but they tend to burn fairly well but just don’t last.

My LG4163B burns these quite nicely but my Benq 1620 does a terrible job. It could just be that your NEC hates them.

Pass them to a friend - not a good one - or bin them as you’d have to reburn them in the near future anyway.

What I’ve done with poor media in the past is burn things that I only want to watch once & not save for future viewing. That assumes that your DVD Player plays them OK.

3550/4550/4551 are not even “okay” :disagree: - many units report in a totally erratic fashion. :wink:

Not if you get advice here. :wink:


ok, are you referring to the PIE/PIF error reporting? or burning aswell? hope not

thanks for the two threads regarding dvd discs, i’ll read through them. :clap:

Don’t do it! In addition to the good advice given, I’d like to add that DVD-ROM drives aren’t the best scanners (at least, that’s what I’ve gathered from around here) :slight_smile:

Yes :slight_smile: - these are good burners (though not outstanding, sadly :().

nec drives are supposed to scan at 5x anyways :wink: