"G" vs "B" firmware (DW1620)

Question… When a BenQ DW1620 drive is packaged in bubble-wrap, put in a box and leaves the factory, is it true that ALL OEM drives will have some form of “Gxxx” firmware and ALL retail drives will have some form of “Bxxx” firmware? This was my understanding.

Some background…

A friend of mine has what he says is an OEM drive. He bought it new, doesn’t have the “BenQ” faceplate, no mounting hardware, etc…so I am sure it’s really OEM. But, it had on it “B7S9” firmware. Also, the hardware desc in Windows sez, “BENQ DVD DD DW1620” where I thought the OEM drives say, “ATAPI DVD DD 2X16X4X16”. I’m just trying to figure out what the heck he got.

PS - I realize a drive can be cross-flashed…I’m just asking this question in reference to factory out-of-the-box condition.

Their was no G7S9 for the OEM’s so I would at a guess say this drive was intended for the Asia market and somehow made its way elsewhere in the world (If thats not where you are located) I seem to recall a couple of months back someone getting an OEM with B7S9 on it as well.

(B7S9 was made for use with cheap media and was only officially released on one of BenQ’s Asia websites)

I got an OEM with B7S9 f/w from newegg.com.
flashed to B7T9

I got an oem with B also.

Mine is OEM B7T9

Interesting… So I suppose it’s safe to say that OEM drives are now coming out of the BenQ factory with retail firmware versions. Sounds like the whole “it’ll void your warranty if you put ‘Bxxx’ firmware on an OEM drive” problem doesn’t apply any longer.

I think it has to do with “Where & How” you purchased the OEM drive…

All most all the OEM drives from NewEgg have the B7x9 firmware. I think it because they are a direct purchase by NewEgg from BenQ. Even in their ad Warranty service is now only by the manufacturer.

On the other hand, if you purchase a ReBadge drive like a I/O Magic, most have come with G7x9. Your warranty service is from I/O Magic.

Hi all, new to the board and was wondering through looking for info on the best firmware for the 1620 and thought I’d chime in here since I’ve got a relevant data point.

I just got a BENQ 1620 OEM from Newegg delivered today and the onboard identifier is showing up as:
Firmware revision is G7Z9

Just FYI …

Hi. My newest OEM drive also came w/ G7Z9, but I quickly cross-flashed it to B7P9.

I would generally recommend T9 or P9; I’ve used both without a coaster thus far (but I currently only use MXL RG03).

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I got one I/O MAGIC REBADGED BENQ 1620 with the “G” firmware and another one came with the “B” firmware. So who really knows how they decide which firmware has what and whether or not it’s a rebadged drive, oem or retail drive. Just my 2 cents!