G.platinum CDR media - any opinions yet?

i think they are quite new in the market. manufactured by Postech Corp. that also made Mr. Platinum.

now, i’ve tried to go through and read all older topics regarding postech and mr platinum. it looks like the mr platinum were the worst ever been out there but postech made or still makes cdrs for other comapnies.

anyhow, i’ve used like 15 of the 100 i have here. i think its been 2-3 months since the first cdr that i burned of that 100 pack. it seems to work very good without any special problems.

did someone already used those brand and can tell what he think?

Plextor 24x: Medium write error (the only disc ever it made a medium write error with)

no such errors with Yamaha CRW2100S. i’ve just checked the first CD i’ve burned in the begining of june this year. works like a new one.

strange, could it be postech are on the right track right now?

here is the info i got with CDR identifier:

ATIP: 97m 26s 11f
Disc Manufacturer: Postech Corp.
Reflective layer: Dye (Long strategy; e.g. Cyanine, Azo etc.)
Media type: CD-Recordable
Recording Speeds: min. unknown - max. unknown
nominal Capacity: 702.83MB (79m 59s 74f / LBA: 359849)

hope this will shed more light …

I’ve seen Postechs with 4 different types of dye:

Cyanine (Type 1)
Cyanine (Type 4)
Phthalocyanine (Type 5)
Phthalocyanine (Type 6)


Then maybe only one of these is crap.

is there a way to check which type of Dye i have ?

The last digit in the manufacturer code.

i see, well there is no code on the CD itself or the package

Of course not. You’ve posted the code already…your discs are Type 1