G force ti 4200 problem?

i had a problem with my computer restarting when i play any game. it shows a blue screen for less then a second and restarts. then i formated my comp and when i got it back up and runing it still has the same problem exept now theres no blue screen.

plz help me!!!

Hi and be welcome!

As this happens when playing a game, I suspect one of the following things to be the case:

  1. a video issue (driver or directx)
  2. a hardware issue (games ask much of the system: psu, cpu, memory etc)

What to do:
Let’s first find out what the blue screen actually says. Go to the control panel, go to system, advanced tab, click the settings button of the Startup and Recovery field and disable the functionality “Automatically restart”. Next time the system crashes when gaming, the blue screen will be held until you press reset. See if you can get any useful information from that (eg “problem with nvdisp.sys”) and report back!

Is this only when you play games and use graphic intensive programs? If so, then is it only incertain programs? If not then this is most likely a heating problem. However, if you only have problems in certain applications then it is most likely the driver. Make sure you have the latest ones availible. To find out if it’s a heating problem run a game for a little while, less than it takes to restart of course, like 5 - 10 min should be good. Then check the temperature of the graphics card, go into the display properties to find it. I’d also suggest that you leave the temperture property window open so all you have to do is tab out, time matters. May not seem that a few seconds make a difference but the temp could drop a few degrees in that time window. Post your temp if you do this.

Stoner’s Magic Bong says -

No system spec. Doesn’t compute.

Hi maxi,

Maybe a long shot, but I once had a similar problem with one of my geforce cards. When I first loaded windows, with NO drivers yet installed, it worked fine in the crappy generic display mode. Once I loaded the Nvidia drivers, then I got problems. It would lock up, get garbled unreadable display, and just act generally crazy. Although for me, I didn’t have to play a game for the problems to happen, even in windows it was screwed.

Turned out that I just needed to reseat the video card, not all the connections are always being used. Probably why it would only fail when hardware acceleration was introduced, certain circuit pathways were then trying to be used.
So maybe one of the contacts on your card is not making a connection, longshot like I said, but maybe. You may also want to clean the contacts while you have it out. A good trick is to use a pencil eraser to gently wipe the contacts. It is known to be very good at removing the carbon buildup, which is sometimes what makes a contact fail. A qtip and some alcohol will usually work too, just make sure the contacts are totally dry before you try putting the card back in. Try not to touch the contacts, or any components on the card too much.

Also make sure the fan on your card is turning, cause you might have an overheating problem as already mentioned. Also you didnt say what drivers you’re using. Try the Nvidia drivers from their site, they’ve always been trouble free for me. Or maybe your vid card is toast, or possibly your motherboard. It could even be just bad RAM memory, I’ve seen that do some REAL crazy stuff. Good luck! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: