FYI: xbox multi hard drive

This is for the people that are interested in installing a second hard drive in the xbox…There is one way with the xtender but it cost @$60(US)

Here is an alternative way and only $20(US)here is the product

and here are the directions

I do not know if this works yet I will know in a couple days…I will get back and let every one know

If you have seen this and used please post and let me know what you think about it and how well it worked

Not a real surprise, they just use a powerswitch and an ide cable that has 4 connectors on it. You wouldn’t even need to order the products, they’ll be available at any radio shack.
If there would be an ide cable that has 40 connectors on it you could “install” 38 harddisks :slight_smile:

yeah, that isn’t really a “product”. it’s simply the parts put together into a single kit. you can probably buy everything individually for less than $10. the method WILL work, it’s just a matter of you making it work.

yea…I figured that i could get most part at local Fry’s…just waiting on a respose from someone from afterdawn to let me know if it work or not…In all it makes a hole lot sense to me…but if someone else is doing it …I will let them go first

like i said, this method works as long as you follow the directions. this isn’t something that was recently discovered.