FYI.....Sony CDR Audio media faulty

This is an experience I thought I would share with you guys.

I was burning CD’s last night and used some Sony CDR media I picked up at a good price at Office Depot. When I played the CD in my car CD player I heard crackling. This crackling got progressively worse further in to the CD until the CD player ejected the CD with “err” displayed on the players LED. I tried it in another vehicle of mine and got exactly the same results. It ejected it also.

I just finished doing some testing and found that it is indeed bad media. I am using Nero as the software. I am using Lite-On LDW401S ESOK and LTR 48246S SPS1. I tried burning in both drives and got same results. I burnt the same songs in the same drives using Memorex CDR and Office Depot CDR Music brand with no errors. They sound great in both of my cars players. The only disernable difference with all the media I tested is that the Sony has a greenish coating and the Memorex and Office Depot brand have a silverish(if there is such a word) coating.
I took these part numbers off the inner ring of all the media for someone who may be in the know to reference:

-Sony CC1809F31F063B80
-Memorex 32618912 02271 04
-could not read the part number of the Office Depot brand

I am happy it turned being the media and not the drives or software. However, I am disappointed that the Sony media performed this poorly because I think highly of Sony products.

Could someone please offer any advise or a possible explanation?

Thanks in advance for your help.