FYI Fry's Ultra PSU Rebate Received



I wanted to let all know the $40 Fry’s Ultra PSU Rebates that were posted as a deal in this section have started arriving. Got mine today, so since some have posted they did not receive them. This is one of the fastest rebates that I have received.



Today, I received 2 $40.00 checks for the 2 Ultra Wizzard Cases I bought. 1 blue and 1 black.



These news are good indication of company performance on honory their rebates.


Seems so. But why did some take 3-4 months? A mystery.


I received my rebates for the case and psu. I would order from Fry’s ( with a rebate again.


Because believe it or not I have not receive yet my $20 “Easy Rebate” from Staples that I did send to them on end of Nov. 2006.


Something must be wrong. I even got a $30 rebate from CompUSA on a Norwood burner (BenQ 1650) I bought about that time. :slight_smile:


Whatever it is I have not receive my early rebate yet. I have lost fait on Staple’s “Easy Rebates”.


The one easy rebate I did not receive from Staples I emailed them and they sent another out to me.You should contact them they will make it right I have received about 30 Staples easy rebates and that one was the only one that was lost.


I went to my local Staples yesterday talked to residence manager about the problem not getting my easy rebate in more than 4 months and demanded action now. After she made phone call with no success she gave me the amount of rebate in cash and start apologizing to me for long delay.


You tell them TCAS :wink:


I received mine in less than 2 weeks, like 10 days
both PSU and the case
the case took a bit longer, like 3 weeks after the submission, but still, both are relatively fast.
the other ultra product I bought in the past, the Ultra X-finity 600W for $60 - $60 MIR, received it within a month after the submission. So I love Frys and I love ultra rebates, not their products, but so far no problem on the ultra-Xfinity 600W, has some good reviews on it, very stable voltage throughout


I’m still waiting for 1 rebate on the last black case but I did get an email saying that it should be mailed soon. I have received rebates for 2 power supplies and 1 case already.
What a deal with the free shipping.


Some times that is the only way to get your money back to go to store and put the store manager on the spot front of other customers.


I do the same thing :iagree: