FYI: Compusa has Universal Buslink 521252 cdr for $50 AR

I saw this in a flyer…it states it is a Liteon drive…now since it is a 52x cdrw I am assuming it is a 6S series…Liteon has no info on 521252 cdrw…but buslinks site lists specs as Smartburn…so this would suggest you could update fw to 52246S…which would be nice…I just picked a 52246S from Best Buy for $10 more so I ma not going to get this drive not worth the returns etc

Also suggests to me the cdrw speed ca nbe improved on the 6S series with fw changes so maybe the 6S series will support 32x rewrites who knows

It’s actually confirmed a 52x24x52, the rebate form is also incorrect. The Buslink box in CompUSA stores confirms drive is a 52x24x52. I escalated the discrepancy to a CompUSA Operations Manager, the rebate form will be honored based on the SKU # and I indicated I do not believe there is a CDRW drive that comes in at 52x12x52. The CompUSA computer system had the SKU # tied into a description of Buslink 52x24x52 CDRW.

Yes, it was a LiteOn LTR-52246S in the Buslink box.

The picture at CompUSA website with 52x12x52 appears to have been a preproduction picture when CompUSA was taking pre-orders for the burner.

Interesting…figured it was going to be 52x 6S series drive

Oh well still not worth the hassle for me for $10

BTW I love this drive…nice quality burns at "52x " on my 40x TY

Went to CompUSA and bought this, great price. Not much of an upgrade over the 48125w, but as I use a lot of rewriteables for testing the 24x RW should come in handy. They don’t even give you an ultraspeed media, just a 48x CD-R. And another Nero CD to add to my collection:) . Haven’t had time to install it yet. Any major programs the drive isn’t supported by yet (other than feurio)?