FYI: CD-Labelprint (Canon), PDF995

If you have PDF995 installed, Canon’s CD_Labelprint software will not work.

At the time of writing, versions are PDF995 v8.2s and CD-Labelprint v1.3.0

CD-Labelprint comes with the Canon Pixma IP4300 and IP5300 models. Other models may also be distributed with this software.

No problems here with Adobe PDF driver installed. I’m sure there must be another solution for you to use. Out of curiosity, did you try re-installing PDF after CDlabelprint was installed? Maybe it is the install process itself that’s messing things up, not the software per se.

Sure did.
PDF995 will show up in “Add or Remove Programs” but is not available as a printer, it doesn’t show in the printers list.

I have been trying out other PDF writers most appear to work but I’m not keen on paying out again.

I emailed Software995, they passed the buck, they want [U]me[/U] to tell Canon (i have but not holding my breath for them to fix things).