FYI Billboard Top Hits '75-'79 Rip Prob/Solution

My appologies if this isn’t the correct forum for this.

FYI, I just picked-up the Billboad Top Hits 1975-1979 collection.
I held down the <Shift> key when inserting each disc and ripped with CDex.
This worked fine for every disc EXCEPT the 1978 disc.

My HP CDR52 made by BenQ seemed to try to read this disc longer than the others.

There seemed to be a ticking sound as if the disc was spinning and a lable was coming off even when the disc was NOT being read.

CDex couldn’t rip any songs without numerous errors.
Sometimes it couldn’t see the disc.
“My Computer” in XP didn’t recognize that a disc was in the drive.
I reinserted the disc numerous times with no better results.

I finally inserted the disc WITHOUT holding down the shift key and the disc ripped perfectly.