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Frankly, I never buy anything from Best Buy anymore. Their prices are simply too high. I will, however, go to Best Buy to physically see the product and then buy online elsewhere. And you’re all correct…Best Buy will not price-match competitor online prices (only BM prices).

Case in point: About 2 years ago I was in the market for a new camcorder. I settled on the Sony DCR-TRV38. Best Buy had it for $699.00 (the same suggested MSRP from Sony). Going to, I found it from reputable online seller (Protek) for $615.00 + $19.95 s/h and no sales tax. Total cost to me was $635. I go to Best Buy and there was nothing they could do for me. While I would have liked to buy from Best Buy so I had a BM store to return it to if there was a problem, the only price they could offer me was…$699.00.

So I bought it from Protek online and never had a problem. Protek even gave me an extra battery. I saved $65.00 by not shopping at Best Buy.

Thanks for all the kudos, guys.

But, my main point though was to mention that both the BB or OM manager “Has the ability to do whatever it takes to make the customer happy”. (according to their corporate customer satisfaction managers.

What makes me scream is some will, some won’t.

I have a retailing background and I can promise you that nothing makes your bank account shrink like seeing the back of a customer for the last time. Especially over a policy you blatantly will break when the opportunity presents itself. I have no problem whatsoever with any store policy. Just enforce it uniformly.

I see you’ve joined the club. If you check the papers, the prices on TV sets and DVD equipment at Best Buy, Sears, and PC Richard are basically the same. It’s almost like there is an electronics industry cartel that price fixes the sales and these stores have agreed not to rock the cart.

The first thing I do when I see a Bestbuy ad is to check Nextag, Pricegrabber and Pricewatch to find a better price. As I and other members here have stated before, with the cost of time and travel, it doesn’t pay to go in for a price match. The only thing I might buy at a Best Buy is disks or a cheap computer if I decide to go the multi-computer route. As a backup unit, those Athlon e-machines for $500 after rebate are tempting.

You might want to check out this site. Some of the employee stories are hilarious and sad at the same time:


I bought a digital camera last December at a BB B&M. When I got home I found the same camera for $100 less at BB’s website, and CircuitCity’s online price was $170 less.
I went back to BB and requested a price match.
I didn’t have any problems when I asked at BB Service desk to match the lower online price. They even asked which price I wanted, BB or CC.
Of course I said Circuit City, and they gave me $170 back.

The story that started it:,0,3319466.column

and followup:,0,5198012.column?coll=hc-utility-home

and today:,0,4047288.column?coll=hc-utility-local

I was fixing to post that this is all over the news so the original poster had a reason to post.

I buy large items at a B&M like BB, CC, Lowes etc and buy the extended in home warranty and free setup and haul off.
Usually BB will have a 15% coupon for their customers about once a quater and will match their online price also. Just bought a 52" 1080P LCD flat pannel and got all those discounts with free delivery and setup, plus they picked up my defective 42" and gave me a full credit.

Just thought I’d chime in…

Just so you know, not all companies do match or have to price match with their .com partners…

I work for a retailer that does not price match their .com partner and this could be for many reasons, but probably mostly because you have to realize a .com can run off of a couple warehouses and ships directly, once, which customers pay for themselves - they avoid costs of moving product to district warehouses, and then to stores – and don’t forget a brick and morter has to hire people to receive that product, put that product out - and to price it, and change the price later if it changes, and to keep it neat, etc…-- these are all not issues for .coms.

Whoever was talking about schooling the employee about economics seemed to forget the basics themselves – about sales v. profit…

I have been looking into 52 "1080 LCD for reasonable price but so far the Sharp brand is only one that comes won mid 3 grant but offer no “Digital Cable Ready (DCR)” which is the function I am interested since you eliminate the use of cable box with it. Samsung, Sony and Pioneer either they do not offer 1080P or the price tag is outrageous.

I love my Sharp but if you have an extra $1000 then the Sony 52" is a good set. I could not see spending an extra $1000. The picture is perfect on the Sharp but it does not upconvert. You must feed it with a 1080P signal to see 1080P. The Sony upconverts for $1000 more. LOL I think I will just buy one of those new DVD players that is coming out early Summer that does it all.

Of course the 1080P signal is not yet available and not being broadcast at this time. But thanks for the information I did not know the Sharp 52" 1080P is not upconverting that is why Sony, Pioneer they call their 1080P as full 1080P.