FYI Best Buy Internet

Some of you may be aware, but then some aren’t, that Best Buy (others?) have some form of different internet connection at their stores. I have been following a camera that lists for 300.00 and their web site has been showing it for 270.00 all week. I went down to buy it tonight and the retail sign said 284. I ask the clerk if they would meet their internet price and he said yes. He came back and said it was the same price–284! I couldn’t believe it because I had checked it just a couple hours prior. I asked to check myself and sure enough it showed 284. When I got home my son was telling me about their special terminal connection. I checked pricing here at home again and sure enough it was 270. So beware!

You did not do your homework right, you should of print thier internet price then go to the salesperson show him/her the print out and ask for the same price.

Or you could buy it online and choose in store pick up.

Or you can check,,, or and probably find it cheaper somewhere else.

Your way is the best TCAS, it cannot be disputed.

You’re lucky then even agreed to that. I went to Fry’s about a year when their website had Nero on sale. Their idiot software salesman said they don’t pricematch with their website. He tried to explain to me that their website uses different purchasing agents and was therefore able to buy Nero for a cheaper price. :Z I didn’t really feel like explaining to him how much of an idiot he was for saying that. I just left and purchased it elsewhere.

The salemen(ladies) just say what they’re told. They don’t understand the concepts of wholesale and retail. For example, a saleman once looked at his computer and told me he couldn’t match a price because it was cheaper than what they pay for it. I explained to him that the prices he sees on his screen are artificially marked up by the parent company of the retail chain. The parent company exists to create a profit in order to pay the salaries and expenses of the top level owners and execs. The parent company ensures that the invoices from the distributor are addressed to it, then mark the goods up about 40% and and sell it to the retail chain, who it turn marks it up further. allowing for affordable markdowns The price the salesman sees is the marked up cost per unit that was entered in the warehouse.

Well, a manager overheard this conversation and quickly dismissed the salesman and told me that he doesn’t want customers explaining economics to his salemen. I left and bought it elsewhere.

That man may have been correct in what he was stating. Never bought from or visited a Fry’s, but will share my experience.

A friend of mine was in the market for a portable DVD player.
I found a site with a good price in New Jersey that had 5 brick and mortar stores. My friend was going to visiting New Jersey and she planned make the purchase on the net and pick up the unit in one of the BM stores. Our plan was should the unit prove defective she could return it to the store.
I called the company and they quoted a price that was significantly higher than the internet including the shipping rates. I was told their internet prices were lower and she could not pick it up in the store or return it there if bought on the internet if it was defective.

You right about Fry’s because they claim www, although is belong to Fry’s Electronics but is separate company with different pricing but is bestbuy. Needless to say most of the time these companies (e.g., BB, CompUSA, OfficeDepot, OfficeMax and Staples they try to differentiate store pricing from their Online pricing but the consumer should insist and even ask for the manager of store to resolve the issue.

Over all you are right.

Maybe I didn’t explain myself well enough. It’s not about doing homework, (I did wind up buying it for 270.00) its about Bestbuy having a different interent connection that shows a higher price than what’s on the regular internet. And its not for me to buy online unless it is drastically cheaper. For example it was 255 at Newegg plus 5.00 shipping. That’s not enough for me to risk in case I have to send it back or in case I want to get a different model. Can you return it at an online store to get something else? Don’t think so.

Yes you can, and I have. I did have to pay a 15% restocking fee, but I got what I wanted.

15.0% plus shipping plus time and annoyance.
Another case in point is this morning’s Best Buy ad for Hitachi hard drive for 69.00 (it is 59 on their web site)
Newegg shows it for 75.00. I’m going to Best Buy

like TCAS mentioned, all you have to do is to print a copy from the regular internet and show it to them when you’re ready to purchase the item that way they can’t argue with you.

problem solved and money saved!!! :bigsmile:

This is another reason Circuit City is more consumer friendly. Just before Christmas, I found an item on their website at a great price and went down to a store to look at it before buying. When it came time to actually purchase, the in-store price was higher. I mentioned the website price and they pulled it up right in front of me and saw that I was right, apologized and immediately changed the register to reflect the website price.

I was a very happy customer. :slight_smile:

I took TCAS advice and it worked perfectly, they cannot argue with something they advertised in print.

Next time if you like the item, buy it on and choose in store pickup. You get the price you want and save you time. And if the in store price is lower, then return it on the spot and buy instore price. For Fry’s Electronics and, they are considering themselves as separate identity. So Fry’s considers Outpost as an internet company and thus they will not price match. You cant even return items you buy at Outpost to Frys. Fry’s only price match with retail stores, not internet retailers.

Best Buy does not price match its website regardless if you print out the price or not. It’s written in the fine print of their price match guarantee on all the registers and at the service desk. It might be in their sunday circulars too, but I’m not sure. You can, however, buy it at and choose in store pick up to get the price. Only do this if it is lower on the website than in store. It’s possible they lowered the price in the store due to a “markte reaction” or a price drop due to a local competitor who has it cheaper. You never know until you get there so the method mentioned a post above is a good way to get the best deal.

I’ve been down this route before with Best Buy and this is the best way to get the best deal. The nice thing about buying it online and picking it up in store is you don’t get that high pressure extended warranty sales pitch that you do if you shop for an item in store and then try to purchase it.

Regarding BestBuy and other retailers doing the online and brick and mortar store, it all boils down to whether or not the manager at the local store level gives a damn about a customer (you ) and your shopping convenience. I have BestBuy stores in my area that will happily pricematch their web deals and the local competition, and then again I have BestBuy stores whose managers are such jerks they could not care less about me. Guess where I choose to shop ? The same applies to OfficeMax stores in my town. I had a incident in the checkout line awhile back at BB where they refused to honor a pricematch from a local competitor and their only excuse was they reserve to not honor their pricematch policy when and if they choose. I was buying a stack of 50 blank DVDs and walked out. The guy behind me had a $6000 plasma TV on a wagon
and got involved in the argument I was having with the “store manager” telling the manager if he screwed me out of my $10 he could put his TV back in stock also. All of a sudden the manager got very cooperative with both of us. Then both of us did the right thing and left without buying a thing. All the way to the door the manager was like an ankle biting dog saying “wait, wait , wait” !

If they want your business, they will show you.

Good for you in sticking up for what’s right, I tip my hat to the man on the line with the Plasma TV. As they say action speaks louder than words, I hope that manager learned a lesson from that experience.

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