FYI 4 months to get my I/O Magic rebate

Over 4 months ago I posted a great deal using a Pricematch to get a I/O magic idvd16dd (rebadge BenQ DW1620) for 23 bucks. I bought it late october, sent both rebates in early november, got the circuit city rebate for 20$ just after Xmas and got the check from I/O Magic dated March 11 for 30$ this week.

Props to CC for promptness, boos and hisses to I/O magic for taking so long

That’s why rebates suck… Circuit City can’t “sale” anything without a rebate attached.

Glad you finally got your money though… :slight_smile:

Well I am still waiting for my rebate from I/O Magic for 3 1/2 months. Everytime I check it’s got a new print/delivery date. If I’m lucky I will get it this time 4 1/2 months.

I will never every buy another I/O Magic product !!!

Well I haven’t received my I/O MAGIC rebate either and it’s going on 4 months. I sent the darn thing back in December 2004. Hopefully I will see that $30.00 check soon. :frowning:

Edit: I just checked the I/O MAGIC site and WTF they have my rebate as “one or more of the following terms were not met. has been referred to further review”. In other words they don’t plan on giving it to me…WTF! :a I be on the phone with them tomorrow!!! :a

This is exactly why I buy all my DVD burners, HDs etc. OEM. No need to bother with rebates, still cheaper than regular retail price, and in some cases, better warranties to boot.

  • Jie

This is exactly why I buy all my DVD burners, HDs etc. OEM. No need to bother with rebates, still cheaper than regular retail price, and in some cases, better warranties to boot.

In my case the drive only cost me $69.97 so after that $30.00 rebate it will be $39.97. Much cheaper than any OEM drive on the market including NEWEGG.COM. When it comes to money I/O MAGIC messed with the wrong guy. I will get my money!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I live in Canada, so maybe the situation is different. I paid under $90, after taxes (we have 15% here in Ontario :a ), and the week after I bought it, I saw it for $90, after rebates, at basically the Canadian equivalent of Best Buy (Future Shop). So for most Canadians, I would suspect that OEM is the best route.

Good luck on getting your money.

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We will want to see a scan of the check!! :rolleyes:

Good Luck

At the time I bought it from Circuit City I paid 72.93 cash plus tax which made it a VERY good deal without the rebate. I think newegg was 69-75$ with cheap 1-4$ shipping at that time. Helped out the CC droid totally blew the PM from staples in my favor by about 35-45$.

I did my last check in feburary and every time I entered my info I got a 404 error and gave up. I understand they do them in batches maybe even waiting until they are sure the last one has come in and then doing all of them at once. I live in Phoenix and mail from LA takes 2-3 days

You are corrct, they do do them in batches. But my batch date was late January, than changed to February, than March, and now April. At this rate the warrany will be over before I get my $$$$.

I’m getting really peeved with this mail in rebate.
Don’t know what you can do to avoid them, but I’m now going to try.
Of course rebates are only on stuff people are crazy enough to “really” need like that new light scribe drives :slight_smile:

I bought a western digital hard drive, a benq 1610 and ew162i from Futures (Best Buy) new years week. I got the hard drive rebate back about a week ago, nothing yet from benq.

Oh, and we have to pay the 15% on the rebate to the government, which of course we don’t get back.

I just want to say that I never went for the CC offer, but the Staples one.

Unlike the others, Staples has the forethought to offer online rebate submissions, which I took advantage of.

Not only did I get my check in good time, I can now see on Staples rebate site that I deposited it, and that it cleared. :slight_smile:

Very nice…

I/O Magic rebates are done through a different rebate company than the CC rebates. You can go to Rebate Services to check the status. I know they’re slow because I sent my rebate in on 2/20 and it hasn’t hit the system yet.

BTW, I picked my I/O Magic (flashed to BenQ 1620) up for $43 by pricematching to Staples. If both rebates ($40 and $10) go through, I’ll get this for -$7.00! :bigsmile:

Lmfao@ I/O MAGIC. I called them the other day giving them a piece of my mind after they said they wouldn’t honor the rebate. I called back today to check the status and was told the check would be cut tomorrow and mailed out to me on Friday. I guess it helped that I went off on the customer service rep. Like I said I will get my money and I will post the check when I receive it. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

What lame excuse did they try to give you?

What lame excuse did they try to give you?

They said my submission was being reviewed because of the sales receipt. Of course when I called back yesterday it was a different story all together. I’ll be satisfied once I get the damn rebate check. :wink:

Wonder if they are trying to say you got your rebate through a pricematch. If so ask why they gave me one My customer number is 1683420

After asking “them” where’s their Check (twice), it finally came in the mail on Saturday. 4 !/2 months to get a $30.00 rebate. I would also bet, if I didn’t ask about it - it would have never came…

Maybe ,I gave up asking in early February and got mine