FX5900 Problem



Hello I have rescently installed a new graphics card (nvidia fx5900) all my games such as: everquest, counter strike run fine. But when i run sims 2 it loads up fine then when entering a neightbourhood it crashes.

I dont know what is causing this, i think it may be some settings that you can set on the card under the properties option. But i have no idea what im on about thats why i am asking you guys :).

Here are a few screen shot i took while it crashed…


Here you can see like screens over lapping each other.

My pc spec is:

2.4ghz amd,
1gig ddr,
geforce fx5900,
180gig hd,

P.S. My motherboard only runs at 4x not 8. The game is not a fake i bought in the shop! :slight_smile:

Thanks people i look forward to your feedback


Have you tried uninstall/reinstall process?

This seems more like a software error to me, I will leave the thread here for a bit then move to software forum where I think you might get more help.


reinstalling what? the game… yes, the card… no.