Fx 5600

i have 2 main problems since i upgraded my on borad graphics
which is a geforce 4 gui mx with a fx 5600 i now find that there
are 2 games that i canot play tigger woods 20033 the problem i
have is it plays on the on board graphics fine here is the problem
useing fx5600 the game loads fine but when you try to run it
i get a message that says directx as ditermined that the is not
anoff video memory to play this game

second problem is a game called will rock this game works ok on the onboard graphics but useing fx5600 when you try to run it
it start to run then moniter gose into standby black screen i here the music but thats it

is there any way to solve these problems and yes the graphics card is set to 256 in the bios any other sergestens that mite help

It’s a strange problem…
But the both cards are enabled on the system?
I had the same sort of error with my soundcard…
I Think you should totally disable your onboard vga.
Has your onboard vga card his own memory or does your mb shares it with your vga card.
But to get back on the problem…
I really think you should disable your on board card totally and remove it from xp.(first remove then disable)
also remove your second card.
then restart and xp says found new hardware.
install the newest detonator drivers and direct x.

and if the game then stil gives the error you can try a new install of the game.
when i did a upgrade from GF4 TI 4600 to Radeon 9800 XT i had to do did to run a few of my old games like prince of persia

good luck…

solved on of the problems that will rock whick as to do with resolution of moniter tiger woods 2003 un solved
as to removing onboard graphics it is disabled but canot be removed i read some where to about a patch for tiger woods 2003 for 256 cards but i cleared istory now i canot find it again