FX-55 San Diego 2.6GHz + 250GB SATA 7200.9

AMD Athlon 64 FX-55 San Diego 2.6GHz 1MB L2 Cache Socket 939 Processor - Retail plus free 250GB hard drive w/CPU combo ends 10/31/06

I’m tempted. Soooo very tempted. Some report these OC to 3GHz fairly easily via the multiplier.

Wow! For $199 what a steal!

If I didn’t have an Opteron at 2.95GHz right now I would grab it, great find!

Wow. Great deal.

Hey, I got an FX 60 and it really made a big diff. For a single core, I think that price is incredible. I would go for it.

I also say go for it [B]Doctor Morbius[/B], its not dual core, but when I have my San Diego clocked to 2.6 its smokin! if you could get this thing up to 2.8-3+ you would be set for quite some time, and who can’t use another 250GB :bigsmile:

I should upgrade my other socket 939 from a 3500+ to this bad boy. PLUS you get a hard drive - OMG!

u all need to stop with these bargains. hehe. i bought that 400GBer from Frys the other day. now how would i explain this one to the wife. would love to get it. ahhh.

The hard drive part is the only thing that is holding me back. See my sig. Thanks to Fry’s I have 2 Terabytes in my media server and nearly another Terabyte in this one so I’m pretty stocked up on drives at the moment. :confused:

Sweet, since I’m building my new pc now. Ok newegg, gimee a nice mobo/tower case deal next. I can then retire my current um… 1.4ghz system to server duty, which is about all it can do now with only USB 1.1 on mobo, but does hold 12 drives. :smiley:

If you’re looking for a nice case, Fry’s has the silver or black P180 for $90 right now. I don’t know how long it’ll stay at that price though. It was $100 a few hours ago. Free shipping and no rebates too!


Edit: Well, I’m not sure what the deal is on shipping. I just added one to my cart and it is showing $13.77 for shipping. The web page clearly shows [B]free[/B] shipping on this item.


:eek: some quick mental adding…and you have ~3.5Tb total between your 3 rigs and the shelf :eek:

but hey, you can always think to the future…I remember back in the day when everyone said a gigabite HDD would be impossible to fill :rolleyes: …on the other hand theres always ebay too :smiley:

Very tempted…but I think my dual core can perform almost equally. I’d rather save up for a BIG drive :smiley:

Great deal though, Thanks for letting us know.

Uhm … guilty. :smiley:

The four 100Gigers are all 5 years old so I don’t really trust them with data/OS anymore. They’ve done an excellent job but it’s time to decommission them from usefull service. I use them for when I want to play around with Vista or some flavor of Linux.