Fw help for a dumb one



I just ordered a 1620. I already have a plextor, 2 liteys and a toshiba samsung and they all flash with an exe file. My question is there a exe file for flashing a 1620 to a 1620 pro or do you have to use a flasher and a cvt. file? If so can anyone tell me where to get the new fw and how to flash it. I am not in a position to use dos so a windows flasher would be great. Thank you


You have to crossflash it:

Step 1: Go here: http://dvdpro.club.st/firmware/BENQ_FW.htm

  1. DL the B7T9 .cvt file
  2. DL the WinDWFlasher
  3. Flash your drive and reboot

Step #2:
Go here: http://ala42.cdfreaks.com/MCSE

  1. DL the newest version of MCSE
  2. DL official BenQ firmware (EG: B7T9)
  3. Unzip and open MCSE. Load FW into MCSE.
  4. Click the “increased read speed” checkbox. Hit Save.
  5. Double-click the patched FW (it’ll say something like B7T9_speedpatched) and let it flash.
  6. Reboot.




I thank you very much.
I went to where you said but they don’t seem to have a cvt. file listed for this fw. Help again please.


Look carefully – it’s there. You can really use any CVT file I think, EG B7P9.

  • Jie


Many thanks Ma Jie. I did exactly as you said as soon as my 1620 came in and I love it. I ripped with the 1620 and burned with the Plextor(at 16x) and the results were amazing. I’m going to do it again backwards(plextor ripping) and see what this does. So far I’m really liking the 1620(pro now). Again thank you