FW 3.23 for 3530

3.23 18.04.2005 00

CD-R Version: 1.01
CD-RW Version: A.08
DVD-R Version: 1.02
DVD-RW Version: A.16
DVD+R Version: 1.04
DVD+RW Version: A.15
DVD+R9 Version: A.07i
DVD-R9 Version: 1.03g

RipLock Not Removed
RPC-2 (Region Locked)

Get it here

it is Iodata version.
autobooktype ready;)

got NEC 3540 firmware?

can 3530 firmware flash into 3540?

Someone already tried flashing a 3530 firmware to a 3540, but he got a broken drive in the end. Not sure if it was just a problem with his drive or if the firmwares really are incompatible.

So it’s I-O Data firmware. Which media (DVD+R, DVD+R9, DVD+RW) is autobooktype?

but your site has different statement
it says DVD+R no, DVD+9R auto, DVD+RW no

That’s why I’m asking. I know for sure about the DVD+R DL but not about the other two.

issit? r u referring to the jap guy YSS? what he did was converting 3520->3530, not 3530->3540. yup, he failed.

oh…that’s rather confusing…then this 3.23 is not iodata?

my original nec3530 (Iodata DVR-ABN16S) comes with 3.22, then flashed to Iodata’s 3.23, dvd+r and dvd+9 DL all booktyped to dvd-rom.

i have not tried dvd+rw

Ricoh 8x dvd+r at 12x

TDK 8x DVD+R at 16x (YUDENT02)

speed reduction at outer ring is quite common with 3530, i dunno why :eek:
(same thing reported by YSS :bigsmile: )

TDK 8x DVD-R at 12x (TYG02) (12x is max supported)

No. It was someone else. He told me on MSN that he tried it and got an “error while flashing bank 18” or something like that. The drive didn’t react anymore and couldn’t be flashed back.

This could have several meanings. Either it was just an accident while flashing his drive and usually everything should work fine. Or Binflash is unable to flash 3540 drives correctly. Or flashing a 3540 firmware on 3530 drives simply doesn’t work. (They could have installed some kind of trap for this in their firmware, but I don’t think so)

It could be I-O Data and I assume that all 3 media’s are auto booktype. I changed it on my page.