FW 1.11 for PX-708a/uf



Plextor Asia/Oceania has FW 1.11 for the 708a online:

Date posted: July 28, 2005

・ Improved playback compatibility of the media with data added while Buffer underrun proof technology functions.



and the download link


cheers guys… :bow:


Thanks for reporting!


Now also available from Plextor.be with an addidtional changelog entry:

* Improvements:  BURNProof function for writing CD media.
* Write performance on TDK CD-R media.


And thanks again, hwp. I’ve added this version to our database:


Just upgraded, thank you!


Good to see still updates for this almost 2 yr old drive, i use this in my work pooter and as a auto tech in a dirty garage it has held up well…if you guys could only see my keyboard!!!..i switched to black one cause it was GROSS!!!
You gotta see the black dust on the wall behind my power supply!!


I’ll wait for the region hacked firmware from these guys:
though if I remember they took their sweet time for v1.10 (not that I have any right to complain)


OK, I’m impressed- the hacked 1.11 firwmare has been updated on that page


Don’t see this version posted on the official Plextor website http://www.plextor.com/english/support/support_downloads.html#firm
Is it legit?


Yes. Plextor US just has not yet updated their homepage. Plextor Europe and Japan have already done so.


any news about this firmware? :slight_smile:


no noticeable differences with my 708UF…


Old post and didmn’t see any negative comments so far, but either Plextools and Nero Info Tool fail to indicate reading support for DL discs - both minus and plus - as there are no marks at the appropriate places.
Only did the upgrade yesterday.
Any comments on this please?


no issues playing back a +R DL burn for me…have no idea about -R DL as i don’t have any (nor would every bother buying them)…


Ths drpino
But does Plextools mark the facility for your drive, pls?


plextools does not liste +R DL as a “Feature” but that’s purely cosmetic and doesn’t affect functionality…


what brand of blank dvd do most of you find preferable for the 708.


YUDEN000 T02 from Taiyo Yuden works best in my 708UF…this is most easily bought as Fuji, Sony, TDK 8X DVD+R that is Made in Japan