FW 1.02 for PX-716AL / UFL

Plextor Japan has released FW 1.02 for the slot loading 716AL / 716 UFL:


Changelog (as best as my translating skills allow):

  • correct playback problem after exiting standby mode
  • Video-DVD compatibility improved
  • DVD-R DL recording improoved

My 716UFL will have it when my friend brings it back at the end of the week.
He’s just trying Slot Loading DVD writer.


Babelfish translation of changes:

DVD record efficiency improvement of media
The compatibility improvement of DVD-R DL
Correction of the case which is the times when it cannot designate playback as after the stand-by returning part DVD-Video in the disk,

Thanks for reporting hwp!

Official Changlog from Plextor Europe (www.plextor.be):

PX-716AL V1.02

* Added: Support for newer 4X DVD+R media.
* Support for newer 8X DVD+R media.
* Support for newer 16X DVD+R media.
* Support for newer 8X DVD-R media.
* Support for newer 16X DVD-R media.

* Improvements: Write performance on DVD+R media.
* Write performance on DVD-R media.
* Write performance on DVD+R DL media.
* Write performance on DVD+RW media.
* compatibility with DVD-R DL media.

* Fixed Bug: Playback problems of CSS-protected discs after Standby mode of the PC.

Changelog exactly same as 716A/SA/UF 1.09 firmware.