FW 1.01 for PX-740a



Maybe you didn’t look more since YSS said he used WinDWflash and .cvt (in English.) I was a little surprised that the ZIP-contained files included 1.01 CVT file so I linked only the .zip file on Plextor Japan. Plextor is nice in that they try to offer downloads of both .exe and .cvt (or .bin) files for firmware flashing.


I’m working with ODD units since 1995, writing articles for Hungarian newspapers, running my own portal since 1999, developing etc., so I am not a newbie :cop: but I was no active on this forum.


i recently installed this drive, should i keep it and update the firmware, or think about trying to return it and get a “true” Plextor, im not sure what i really have or what is best to do at this point


You should keep it. It’s already a better choice for long-term than the PX-716A. A few more firmware upgrade and this drive will be the ace. If you dont care about the PlexTools quality check capabilities you shouldn’t change it to a PX-716A.


hi PPeter, i think i will keep it, im just hot about overpaying a bit i think, but anyway, bring on the FW updates! :iagree:


My scan of 1640 benq, crossflashed with .cvt Plextor 740a. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Thanks energy 1959 for the test.
It is a “creating a data disc” not a scan

What is limitating the speed to 8x P-CAV in this single layer burn ?
Is it the MID code that you have used ?

By the way the question is:
is the only way to scan this disc (with this drive) using CD-DVD Speed to flash the drive back to a BenQ 1640 ??


Has anybody a direct Link to the bshb.cvt FW-File from Benq 1640? I´m a little bit to stupid to find it.


I´m too bad in reading japanese. :confused:


Download this ZIP file: http://plextor.jp/download/firmware/px740_101.zip

Then open, for example, WinRAR and open that ZIP file. Then you’ll see three files:


That’s it :wink:


Thanks. But I already flashed my Benq 1640 to a PX740. I was looking for the Original benq FW BSHB.cvt.

Now I´ve found it.


Oops, didn’t read properly, sorry about that :wink:


So how does one cross flash a 740a to Benq???




You Need to download a BenQ 1640 CVT file and use to flash the drive to a BenQ once this is done I believe you can use the normal BenQ FW flasher to do futher FW upgrades. If you have a look at the BenQ FAQ’s it is pretty much the same as flashing a OEM (bulk) 1620 to 1620A.Also if you have a look in the FAQ’s you will find Ala42’s. MCSE to remove Riplock and other usefull things. Do a search for BenQ 1640 CVT and WinDWflash and you should find the files. HTH.:slight_smile: BenQ 1640 CVT RPC1 HereBSGB.


Oops! Gam… time to go stand in the corner. LOL :stuck_out_tongue: :cop:

@ bobmitch. I hope this will help get you part way there:


Here’s the CVT file you should need:



Or go here:

http://happy.happy.nu/dvd-rw/1640/ :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


broken link? :confused:



That’s it, fw 1.01 on plextor.be :

Firmware versions for PX-740A

PX-740A V1.01

Write quality on several media.
Write performance on DVD-R DL media.


mardigan I have merged your thread with this one as we want to keep discussion on new firmware versions in one central thread. Thanks for reporting though that Plextor Europe now also has firmware 1.01 online.


You don’t have permission to access /dvd-rw/1640/ on this server.

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You have to use IE for some reason to access that webpage.