FW 049 BTC1OO4IM- Is it any better?



Plz tell us your impressions about the new firmware.Have you seen any real improvement in compatibility with dvd media?


I have still problems with:

  1. dvd-rws with mid code OPTODISCK001 branded B.O.S.
  2. cd-rws with mid code LeadData branded LeadData


for 1) they are writeable with firmware 0043. That’s why i’am still using 0043.
for 2) these rws were writeable with my previous 2 writers.

So there is still no improvement for me :sad:


I write my dvd-rs with mid code OPTODISCK001 branded B.O.S. @ 2x instead of 4x. I don’t dare anymore to write them @ 4x. :wink:


It seems like nobody trusts BTC enough anymore to update to the new firmware.Otherwise plz state your opinion tell us if it has fixed any incompatibilities with media that didn’t work before.
PDU where are you ?This forum is dying.