FvF-Inc CDDVD-2003-200x - 0800

Can someone explain what this is? FvF-Inc CDDVD-2003-200x - 0800 It is showing up on my computer as G: drive. I do not have a G: drive. Any thoughts.

I am sometimes having difficulty accessing my Liteon dvd burner, using Roxio, and I thought there may be a conflict with this phantom drive?


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Do you have some virtual drive software installed? For example, Alcohol or Daemon Tools.

not that I am aware of

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Have you connected some USB devices to your computer, like a photocamera for example?

Do you remember some software installed before the appearance of this “ghost” drive?

yes I have connected a webcam. I cannot remember any software that could be related to it. Is there any search I can do on my hard drive to find file or folder related to this drive?

hmm can you right click on the G: drive and select “Properties”? Maybe in this way you can have some clues about the origin of this drive :slight_smile:

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This is a virtual drive. I think, it is this one here: http://www.farstone.com/software/virtualdrive.htm
If there are problems with that, then just uninstall the software.


Went looking for farstone and found that I had installed and removed a demo version of the virtual cd dvd burning software last summer. After I installed it I found out it wasnt what I was looking for. So I reinstalled it tonight and then removed it, and now the virtual drive g: is gone from my machine. If it comes back I will research the tech pages at Farstone. Thanks to Michael and to Geno888 for your fast responses, kind welcome and great advice. Great forum. Thanks


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