Fuzzy DVD picture with W.5 firmware

I posted this here instead of the DVD movie section because I figure it would be easier to diagnose given the recent tests with the W.5 Firmware…

I am using the 3540A with the W.5 firmware.

Sometimes the picture is fuzzy or sometimes the entire DVD is not as sharp as it should be. Or on very few discs the pixels break up when there is fast movement. I have been using the Verbatim MCC 02RG20 8x media.

Does this mean I should slow it down or speed it up?

I have generally noticed better scans after burning at 8x. So I have been burning most of the discs at 8x, But I still get the fuzzy picture.


did you use dvdshrink to backup a 8.5gb dvd movie? and converted to 4.7gb??? fuzzy is the norm, you need dl media to make a lossless copy which are expensive. i wonder how the industry can afford to use dl media on even crappy movies that cost a dollar, yet charge us an arm and a leg for it. it is expensive for this very reason, to make backup a pita.

Actually i never thought of that.

I usually use 1click dvd copy becuase it will automatically compress the movie to fit on a 4gb dvd…

I suppose this is the reason…It makes sense to me.

visit doom9.org and a whole new world opens for you :slight_smile: (or visit the relevant sub-forums on cdfreaks)

do some reading about the different transcoders and recoders that are available and you will find out that the program you use isn’t exactly the most popular and best solution out there.

If you want a free soltion transcoder check out DVDshrink (great solution if the needed compressionlevel isnt that high) or else take a look at clonedvd2

I really like the results of recoding with CCE on larger movies that need more compression, but CCE is a bit harder to use (because it definetly isn’t a one-click solution)

burning the disk doesnt affect the picture quality of your DVD