Futureshop Verbatim Double Layer Sale

Futureshop Verbatim Double Layer Sale

Verbatim 20-Pack 2.4X 8.5GB/240Min DVD+R Double Layer Spindle $24.99
sale ends 04-17-08.

Link: http://www.futureshop.ca/catalog/proddetail.asp?logon=&langid=EN&sku_id=0665000FS10076390&catid=


thanks for the heads up, passing this along to a friend in montreal who lives near a FS

I wish a Verb DL deal was avail down here currently … im just getting into x.264 burning =)

Thank you for the heads up, will check out instore.

Unfortunately, they will not ship outside of Canada. However, thanks for the information.

I’m waiting for Office Max (or anyone else) to have another sale on these items!

Found the deal instore, all that was there were made in India, bought 2 x 20 old stock & 2 x 20 new stock. I have tried out a 20 pack before, but didn’t keep the results seperate from my MIS MKM001s, this time I will.

It’s funny how they just changed things. Now they have a in store Customer Appreciation Sale. So now they are $22.49

5pm to 9pm in Store for BC, AB,SK,ONT - excluding North Bay ,NS and NFLD - For the 04-13-08.

5pm to 9pm in Store for MB,North Bay,QB,NB and PEI - For the 04-14-08.


I was just in there this afternoon, they never mentioned a word, but at a buck 18.9 a litre, it ain’t worth me starting up the vehicle to drive over there right now, but I will have a chat with them tomorrow receipt in hand for the ones I bought today. I posted a scan of new & old on Page 6, should be posts #132 & 133 or something like that.


no future shop anywhere near me…but i wonder if verb DL will ever get under $1