Futureshop has Comstar 8X + or - 100pack for 20 Dollars

Like it says in the subject that futureshop has this media on sale for 20 bucks for 100 pieces, I went ahead and bought the +R and it turns out that the code on it is Taiyo Yuden, mid is YUDEN000 T02. I don’t know if these are fake i’m guessing they probably are, here’s a scan of one burned in my lg 4167b burner.

Fake, although the result is fair, more than can be said for some fake media.

Total fake TY.

FutureCRAP is the last place I would go to buy media - I learned my lesson from the past - now I only buy media online and it is genuine TY.

Likely fakes but just to check, could you please post the serial numbers of those discs,

the one printed on the hub and the other serial on ring near the recording dye.


Those are horrible PIF totals - not even the worst of my RITEKs do that.

There are no serial numbers, allready checked, they are fakes for sure, I just posted this for people who want to buy cheap media for low price. I wasn’t even expecting taiyo yuden code when i bought these, these are good for giving away to friends and family i guess and also just for everyday burning stuff that’s not too important, I did a transfer speed test in my benq and both of the dvds burned read fine at full speed, so they aren’t bad and they play well in dvd palyer, so for the price it’s not bad.

made in hong kong?

Doesn’t say, it just says that printed in china, nothing about where they are made. Also, on the inner side (dye side) there’s a number number which is T322 and also it says that it’s a DVD+R.

I’m not really happy about the quality so i might just even take em back. The last fake taiyo uden i bought were from canadacomputers mid: TY02 and they were not upto par with the real thing but still good quality as they gave very good results in the quality scans. I was wondering, can’t FS get into trouble fro selling counterfiet media? Aren’t there legal issues with doing this?

mine were windata brand, the made in hong kong was printed on the paper ring,
I traced them back to a company using Yuden dye and liscensing from philips.
Consistent low 90’s QS and high(over 1000) PIF totals

I called them clones

lesson learned: a mid or dye doesn’t make a Taiyo Yuden disk

You are lucky enough to even get decent quality burn out of that, some fake TY are completely useless, the burn quality is horrible, especially TY media code under GQ brand sold at Fry’s electronics.

Please don’t take this the wrong way - but I wouldn’t GIVE those discs to my worst ennemies :slight_smile:

Read fine is one thing - Try checking back in a month, let alone 2 weeks :smiley:

This is CRAP media - and such a high total PIF count (well over 4k) will get much worse.

Someone should be held accountable - I wold go to the future shop manager and complain about this.

What I don’t udnerstand is how come such big chains get away with selling counterfeit let alone CRAP media - Even Canadacomputers selling this crap ? Thanks for letting me know I guess I won’t buy anything from them.

Technically it isn’t counterfeit since the discs don’t say “Taiyo Yuden” or “That’s DVD+R” on the packaging; in other words, they don’t claim to be made by Taiyo Yuden.

Well then why the hell do they bother using a fake MID it makes no sense :smiley:

It is still MISLEADING - and misrepresenting a company.

I would encourage ANYBODY who end up with fake TYs or fake YUDEN MIDs to report it to your local TY distributor or TY directly for end users.

I use to buy all my media from Future Shop but now it seems media there is utter garbage, whether it is the memorex, maxell or whatever and from what I can tell, none of the media at FS is genuine TY - if you are lucky you can land on some MIJ Maxells but even those have an extremely high PIF total, absolute crap if you ask me.

You guys are missing the point about clones, the companies buy the dye from TY
liscences and use the mid with ty’s consent, they just don’t have it together yet
if ever. There’s no fakes or false advertising, just people like me that thought whow, I can get some yuden T02’s for 25cents, lesson learned. Greed will get you every time.

Faking a code isn’t done to trick the consumer, it’s done to ‘trick’ your drive to using TY write strategies rather than its proper write strategy, which often has very poor support in firmware. The fact that things like this happen is an unfortunate side effect of faking the code. If they wanted to fool the consumer, they would be BRANDED as something they aren’t, such as the fake Verbatims that fake the packaging and appearance of the discs.

Please prove this. Oh wait, it’s not true. :disagree:

greg42, I don’t think it’s quite so serious. For FS to sell them at $20 per 100, you can pretty much guess they know they’re not the highest quality. If you look at their web site


you can see those discs got a customer rating of 2.58 out of 5, which indicates satisfaction is fairly low (and FS never shows negative customer reviews), but for $20 your expectations should be low. And as Two Degrees points out, there’s nothing counterfeit about it. Some smaller media companies “borrow” the codes from bigger media companies simply because the drive firmware writers won’t code a writing strategy for the lesser known dyes. And unless there’s a strategy in firmware, the drive probably wouldn’t even attempt a burn, so what’s the smaller company to do?

And as for longetivity, who can say? The German c’t magazine did their own stress (heat and light) tests on media, and Taiyo Yuden didn’t win. I’ve done my own tests on bonding, and the TY T02’s came apart with a light poke from a dull screwdriver, whereas my Daxon-made BenQ media wouldn’t separate unless unless I jammed a scalpel blade in there and reefed on it.

All that said, though, I still buy TY and Verbatim, myself… :bigsmile:

Oh … and I hate FS as much as anybody. But what I think is more dishonest is buying from a company that actually makes media dyes - like Maxell - and getting Ritek G05. Or a “Plextor” drive that was actually manufactured by TEAC (cough Plextor 750 cough)

I think you’re right. Two Degrees knows all about this, but my understanding is that TY discs are made with TY dyes and TY stampers, and probably at TY’s own facilities. They just put on whatever label (Fuji, Maxell, SONY) they are contracted to do by the brand name owner. Most of the time (but not with SONY) they even use their own distinctive TY cake spindles for final packaging, too.

scoobie, I went thru this with far more experienced members than you months ago,
linking to the web pages and all, believe what you will but don’t start a flame war.