FutureProof - Yamaha?

Haha, just wanted to get your attention FutureProof, you mad Canberrean you.

Seriously, the new Yamaha F1 drives - has anyone managed to obtain a pre-release version and test it with the burning proggies and in particular CloneCD?

I note there are about 7 different versions, but if they are the be all and end all of CD burners I would like to see if they match it with LiteOn in copying games and the Yamaha’s in Cd extraction.

24x RW may be great but realistically if it can copy the games under Clone then I might grab one

I hope that the Yammies will change there tact and start supporting backing up protected CD’s however they generally do not support programs such as CCD and I doubt they will do such wonders such as correct EFM. I read somwhere that they stated that they will not design drives to cut protections, it would be a real pitty if they didn’t give there drives the capability, as they have designed some really inovative stuff with these new drives, however unless it gives me the ability to backup my software then I shall never ever purchase one.

Hopefully the rest of the market will catch up with some of these cool features and then we can have our cake and back it up to :slight_smile:

(eagerly awaiting some cool Yammy reviews that surprise and delight me)