Futureproof, I see you have been playing w/ call of duty


Original FW: xs0r
Current FW: xs0x
DiscJuggler V-4.10.1128-STD2 read/write
Game Title: Call of Duty
Play drive (s): Mitsubishi CD-ROM FW Rev 52AW; LITEON LTD-163D FW Rev GHR3; LITEON LTR-32123S FW rev xs0x
Works with CloneCD Hide CD-R Media in burners and no emu/Hide ATIP feature required for non-burners; doesn’t work in a Toshiba SD-M1402 DVD-ROM(!)

I have the same problems that I can’t play the game in my toshiba sd-m1502. I used alcohol 120 to read and write in various drives. Still same results. But you did say that the liteon 52x burner was able to be played in your toshiba drive.
I also tried burning in my toshiba dvd burner and still same problems, can’t read in my toshiba dvd rom. I am wandering if my copy will work in other cd roms just not in toshibas.
Do you have a best method to try with my lite on or toshiba dvd burner - which software would be the best to use?

I also did my read at max and all my burns at 12x. maybe I should slow the burns down.

No SD3 backups, of mine, will play in a Toshi 1402 :Z

I tried a write at 4x to no avail

Any this is with any writer and any software correct?
Even an asus 52x cdrw or lite-on 52x cdrw?

If it was my writer that was having issues than I was going to upgrade to a 52x lite-on but if not then there will be no reason to.

DJ and Alcohol using all of my ASUS and LITEONs

OK, thanks.
there is no point for me to continue trying to get this to work in a toshy. I just tried CCD and that didn’t even work for me. Alcohol works better, at least they will run in my lite-on dvd drive. I also tested it in my dell at work which is a samsung cdrom and my copies work in there.
I had a feeling that these toshys were going to be a problem way back when SecureRom new came out and I couldn’t get them to work in the toshys even using bwa or twinpeaks.
It seems like they are still good for making images, but not for playing them.

Thanks for your input!!!