Futuremark says Nvidia didn't cheat

:bow: Nvidia

i knew they didn’t cheat. heehee
anyways just thought i’d post this here so everyone knows.
Futuremark is considered software right?

I wonder how much that cost Nvidia?
Personally, I think that if applications start optimizing for specific hardware, that’s great. But the benchmarks should treat all hardware exactly the same, or it’s worthless. It’s an interesting issue though, different sides to consider.

I guess Futuremark and Nvidia called a truce. Though Nvidia has been trying to bury 3Dmark (something I would agree with) so why this change of heart. (I dont agree with it’s optimizations however)

Maybe Futuremark has decided to let Nvidia input on how the future of it develops like the other members of it’s “club”. From at least what was made public when NV was a member it and Futuremark were at odds over the direction of 3Dmark03.

Conspiracy mode:
I think NV intentionally put in those optimizations in the drivers (and make them detectable) to ignite the debate over cheating/optimizing and eventually discredit 3Dmark03 and stop people using it.

They already tried once with the PDF they released at the launch of 3Dmark. Seeing as Nvidia make up the majority of the video card market that’s something Futuremark cannot afford to let happen as it’s financial existence would be at stake.

These one click solutions are always going to be under suspicion especially if a company is behind them that can come under influence. We know SiS and Trident optimized/cheated in 3Dmark2001 and you can bet ATI/Nvidia were just better at it and didn’t get caught.

A good wide range of apps(real 3D engines) are the only way to go as the companies involved can’t optimize for everything that’s out their or perhaps the open source community could cook up something for 3D benchmarking. Their is Rightmark 3D but its still in beta.

Also have a read of [H]ardOCP’s take on it.
Benchmarking Wrong

The sooner Futuremark and it’s products go away the better is my view.

/me uninstalls 3DMark from computer.
It’s sad that Futuremark let the dollars and lawyers talk, cause nvidia was, and still are, cheating.
None of these pixel-shader “optimizations” work in any game, they are solely for 3dmark.

You are right that Rightmark, as an open source benchmark, probably will replace 3DMark among the most hardcore benchers, but script-kiddies and n00bs will continue to use 3DMark…

/me hopes Futuremark goes bankrupt and returns to the scene instead

the reason the pixel shaders dont work in games is because of how ridicuously hard it is to program for them. and everytime a developer learns, a new version of directx comes out, making developers relearn how to use them.

hopefully, the graphics companies will figure out their “c for graphics”, as well as make it easy to integrate into regular c, c++, vis basic / whatever code. otherwise, those high end effects will be for games that sell 5 million +, or plan to.

i aint buying that crap…there is something really fishy…futuremark wouldn’t have created a fuss if there was nothing…the plot thickens…