Future Proof

Hi Futureproof. I just read on the forum you copied Unleashed. Good for you. U recomended the Toshibia SDM 1402 DVD Rom as the reader. I heard they r realy good at reading protected cd’s. I am from Sydney and would like to purchase a Toshi drive. If you have one, where did u buy it. Been looking everywhere for the Toshi drive. Please respond ASAP.

You can email me the response @:


Thanx in advance.


Personal questions should be asked through our Private Message service. That way you can be sure he reads it and you won’t have to open a new thread. I’ll leave this thread open so FutureProof can reply. No flame intented but opening new threads for personal questions mess up the forum.

Thanks :wink:

Oxygen Technology in Sydney. Ask for Sean, who’ll point you the right way for a Guillemot (rebadged 1402).